Kerch shooter was cult member

Kerch shooter was cult member
Vladislav Roslyakov Photo: Screenshot

Vladislav's mother, Galina Roslyakova, was an adept of the Jehovah's Witnesses cult banned in Russia.

Kerch shooter Vladislav Roslyakov was brought up in an incomplete family. All his childhood he lived with his mother and grandmother. For about 20 years, the mother of the shooter, Galina Roslyakova, was the member of the banned and extremist cult of Jehovah's Witnesses, which affected the boy’s upbringing.

The same age as Vladislav Roslyakov, Yuri M., whose parents were in a cult for more than ten years, told MK how members of Jehovah's Witnesses raise children.

“I was not allowed to celebrate any holidays, so other children looked awry. I could not have friends. Parents forbade close contact with the guys from the yard, with classmates,” the source said.

The children of members of Jehovah’s Witnesses went to preach several times a week. They were also forbidden to accept gifts for birthday, celebrate holidays, go to school events. According to the interlocutor of the newspaper, all this contributes to standoffishness from people.

“Roslyakov’s mother was an avid adept, so her son didn’t have any joys. He was not even allowed to eat sweets. I was allowed to attend hobbies, went hiking with my parents looking for mushrooms. Perhaps that's all.”

It is known that on the eve of the massacre at Kerch College, Vladislav Roslyakov burned the Bible and personal belongings. Yuri M. believes that the student did this out of hate for the Witnesses.

“Galya was close to the elder. After the closure of the organization, she continued to preach anyway, only at home. Sectarians often came to her; it was forbidden to watch TV, listen to music in the apartment. She could bring her son to madness,” said a woman who had previously been in the cult.

On October 17, Vladislav Roslyakov blew up a bomb at Kerch Polytechnic College, and then fired at students and teachers, after which he committed suicide. The shooter killed 20 people. A criminal case was initiated under the article Murder of two or more persons in a generally dangerous way.

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