Kerch shooter sympathized with Ukrainian military in Donbass

Kerch shooter sympathized with Ukrainian military in Donbass
Vladislav Roslyakov

Vladislav Roslyakov, who committed a massacre at the Polytechnic College had actively supported the special operation of the National Guard of Ukraine.

The so-called Kerch shooter had actively supported actions of the Ukrainian troops in the Donbass for several years in social networks, MK reports. The publiation learned that Vladislav Roslyakov was a member of several groups and had more than one account. 

In particular, he wrote under the name Stranny (Russian for strange) and Stranny Tip (strange guy), and then would update his page using his own name. He also had pages registered under the names Anatoly Smirnov and Vladik Roslyakov. For example, he was a member of group called “Project Partizan Mercenaries Survival Tactics Hike” a couple of years. Apart from actively discussing the events in the Donbass, its members purchased military equipment, including body armor.

“I remember Roslyakov mocked the militia from the Donbass in 2016; he was open about supporting the Ukrainian National Guard. People would go at him for this,” one of the group members said. 

The group administrator also confirmed this, noting that all Roslyakov’s details were removed. 

“The boy did a good job leaving no trace. I don’t even see his chats inside the group. His old page is deleted, and the copied version is not accessible. As strange as it may sound, there is no information about his visits - time and browser used - even on the server. This indicates that some hacker deleted all his data,” the administrator said. 

He also stressed that Roslyakov could not buy arms in the group, as it sold only ammunition. 

In addition, the publication notes that Roslyakov was an active participant in the groups Skinovskoe Iskusstvo (Russian for Skinheads’ art) and Narodny sotsialist (People's Socialist). In 2015, he threated a girl who proposed to save stray cats yet put stray dogs to sleep. The shooter promised to slaughter her and send dogs after her. The girl says she thought he was a psycho, so she ignored his messages.

Earlier, it was reported that the burned laptop of the Kerch shooter had been submitted for testing. 

October 17, Vladislav Roslyakov committed a massacre at the Kerch Polytechnic College. He blew up an explosive device in the canteen, and then began to shoot everyone. Roslyakov killed 20 people (the shooter also died, so the media report about 21 victims), and 70 more people were wounded. A source said that the shooter had planned the attack since 2017.



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