Kerch shooter identified

Kerch shooter identified
Vladislav Roslyakov

The Investigative Committee assigned the case from the category of an act of terrorism to mass killing.

In September, Vladislav Roslyakov (18) got his authorization to possess weapons.

The Investigative Committee has announced a name of the Kerchensky College attacker. The killer turned out to be Vladislav Roslyakov. He was enrolled in the College in 2015, reports 112 Telegram channel. According to 112, Roslyakov got his authorization to possess a shotgun of 12-weight calibre on September 8. Shortly before the act of terrorism, he purchased 150 bullets. This information is being confirmed by an RBC source within law enforcement. 

The Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov confirmed - while on air on Russia 24 TV-channel - that the college’s 4-year student attacked the college. In Aksenov’s words, the killer shot himself dead. His dead body was found in the library on the second floor. The Head of the Republic also specified that the alleged terrorist acted on his own. 

The case for attacking the college was assigned from the category of an act of terrorism to a murder of two or more person (item 2 of article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), the Investigative Committee reported. 

18 deceased and about 50 injured are being reported (with the college’s students being most of them), following the attack on the college in Kerch. 

The Republic of Crimea, MIA, The Investigative Committee. 



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