Kerch gunman targeted one person 

Kerch gunman targeted one person
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The college director was Vladislav Roslyakov’s primary target.

The one person Vladislav Roslyakov wanted to kill in what turned into a bloody massacre in the Kerch college, was the director of the educational institution, Olga Grebennikova, REN TV said. According to the portal, the student was purposefully walking towards her office, and when he discovered that Grebennikova was not there, he started shooting everyone.

The mother of Alexander Lazarev, one of the deceased, told the portal that Grebennikova had told her that she could have been among the victims, but luckily for her, she had left the school minutes before the killing began.директор.jpg

The parents of the college students are confident that Roslyakov had planned on killing the director because all the kids hated her.

 “We, as parents, thought that it was the usual dislike kids tend to feel towards teachers. We didn’t try to understand the reasons,” said Alexander Lazarev’s mother.

According to the channel, investigators are now establishing whether the administration had known about the student’s plans; Grebennikova might be sued for negligence.

On October 17, Roslyakov blew up a bomb at Kerch Polytechnic College, began shooting students and teachers and killed himself. 20 people were killed. A criminal case was initiated under the article "Murder of two or more persons in a generally dangerous method."

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