Kerch gunman’s mother caught son watching school shooting videos  

Kerch gunman’s mother caught son watching school shooting videos
Vladislav Roslyakov a few minutes before shooting at college Photo: A still from a video by Mash

When the woman asked why he was watching the videos, the teenager answered evasively.

Media reported the first details of the interrogation of Vladislav Roslyakov’s mother after her son had blown a bomb and shot fellow students at a Kerch college yesterday. According to the Mash Telegram Channel, the woman admitted that a few days before the slaughter, her son had been watching videos of school shootings. When she saw it and wondered why he was doing it, Vladislav said: "No reason."

On the day when Vladislav Roslyakov blew up his school, he had waited for his mother to leave for work, and went to college only after that.

Earlier, RT reported citing a source in the Crimean Ministry of Education that the teenager’s mother is a nurse at an oncology center, and had joined Jehovah’s Witnesses cult (banned in Russia) a few years ago. On the day the tragic incident occurred, the woman received the victims, who got sent to the oncology center, too. She did not know who was responsible for the college massacre back then.

The teenager’s father, who has lived separately for a long time, said during interrogation that it was hard to talk with his son about his school performance. He claimed that his son had been raised to be a good man and had never shown any aggression before. The father admitted he had known that his son had a thing for guns.

On the afternoon of October 17, an explosion occurred at Kerch Polytechnic College, while a 4-year student, Vladislav Roslyakov, started shooting. His body was found in the library later. One of his classmates said that once, the kid told him he hated other students and could shoot them all. The classmate did not take it seriously.

According to the latest data, 21 people died in the attack.

The Mash Telegram Channel published a surveillance video that had caught the shooter a few minutes before the attack. The video shows Vladislav Roslyakov walking towards the school with a backpack and then getting inside the building.

Video: Vladislav Roslyakov on his way to college



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