Kerch bridge generated first profit in Crimean budget

Kerch bridge generated first profit in Crimean budget

Contractors working on the construction of the Kerch bridge paid 66.7 million rubles in taxes.

The builders of the Crimean bridge paid in the Crimean, Kerch and the Leninsky district budgets 66.4 million rubles in taxes and fees. About this the press service of the Kerch city administration reported to IA REGNUM.

"Separated subdivisions of enterprises registered in other regions of the Russian Federation and participating in the construction of the transport crossing are registered with the Interdistrict IFTS of Russia №7 in the Republic of Crimea and pay taxes to the budget in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, reported the administration of Kerch. - As of September 5, 2016, such entities paid 66.4 million rubles to the budget, including: personal income tax - 50.7 million rubles, profit tax - 15.7 million rubles."

Between the budget of the republic and municipalities, the tax revenues are distributed as follows: the budget of the republicn received 43.1 million rubles, the Kerch budget - 11.6 million, the budget of the Leninsky district - 11.7 million.

According to IA REGNUM, the total cost of construction of the Kerch bridge will be 227.92 billion rubles. It was assumed that the opening of traffic and the start time of operation of the railway bridge will take place in December 2018, but the launch date of a railway line across the bridge have shifted for a year - December 1, 2019.



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