Kemerovo Criminal Investigation officer initiates drunken brawl in restaurant

Kemerovo Criminal Investigation officer initiates drunken brawl in restaurant
Andrey Sidakov

Neither his colleagues, nor ambulance doctors could pacify the drunken policeman.⁠

Deputy Head of the MIA Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in the Kemerovo region Andrey Sidakov together with friends had a great time in one of the restaurants of the town. His superiors and the Investigative Committee became interested in the consequences of the feast.

According to sources of The CrimeRussia, the incident occurred on Friday, March 24. Sidakov along with his friends decided to spend the evening after a hard working week in restaurant Munich. Having overestimated his abilities and overdrunk the policeman began to interfere with other visitors. The immodest behavior of the high-ranking policeman was noticed by one of the restaurant guests, who asked Sidakov to behave more decently. The men got into a verbal skirmish, which turned into a fight. The brave officer broke his opponent's nose, and in revenge his head was beaten. The security of the restaurant failed to placate the conflicting men. The crew of Rosgvardia arrived on the security’s call also did not manage to suppress their colleague. Only the reinforcement force arrived at last pacified Sidakov. Law enforcement officers arrived at the scene accompanied by the ambulance to provide medical assistance to brawlers, including the Deputy Chief of the CID. However, Sidakov attacked the doctors and tore the bandages tied to his head, refusing any help. The high-ranking rowdy policeman was reluctant for a long time to give his personal details to his colleagues, just shouting out every now and then that he was a lieutenant colonel. As a result, physicians assisted by Rosgvardia employees brought Sidakov and his opponent to the town hospital of Kemerovo.

Sidakov's superiors were informed about the incident. An official audit is being conducted against the policeman. At the same time, the Investigation Committee is carrying out a pre-investigation check. So far the departments refuse to give any official comments.



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