Kemerovo Court allows residents to hold rally against Tuleev

Kemerovo Court allows residents to hold rally against Tuleev
Aman Tuleev Photo: RIA Novosti

The Central District Court of Kemerovo satisfied the complaint of the city residents on the authorities' refusal to hold a rally on April 21.

The Central District Court of Kemerovo allowed the residents of the city to hold a rally against head of the Kuzbass parliament Aman Tuleev on April 21, member of the Kemerovo headquarters of the All-Russia People’s Front (ONF) Maxim Uchvatov wrote on his Facebook page.

Earlier, the city administration did not allow holding a rally, as its organizer Vladimir Gorenkov has two administrative fines. The activist filed a lawsuit in the city court, which found the refusal of the authorities unreasonable. According to Uchvatov, fines were issued to Gorenkov on different articles on the same day. According to the federal law, it has to be multiple violations throughout the year.

Uchvatov also noted that the Kemerovo administration can appeal, but its satisfaction is "unlikely." The meeting is planned to be held on Sovetov Square in front of the city administration building.

It is expected that about two thousand people will take part in the rally. Kemerovo residents intend to demand the resignation of Aman Tuleev from the post of speaker of the regional council of deputies, and also to support provisional Governor Sergey Tsivilev. The rally's topic covers "all the crimes of Tuleev": closure of mines, unemployment, deterioration of the ecological situation, population decline.

According to Gorenkov, the population of Kuzbass "dies off". Under Tuleev, the authorities lobbied open coal mining and closed recycling plant. As a result, radioactive dumps have appeared all over the region, where the Geiger sensor goes over-the-top. The number of cancer patients has significantly increased in the region, the activist believes. Gorenkov also notes that if Tuleev continues to be on duty, there may be riots in the region.

Aman Tuleev resigned as Governor of the Kemerovo region on April 1, a week after the fire in the Zimnyaya Vishnya shopping center, the fire killed 64 people. He led the region since 1997. Two days after his resignation Tuleev became a deputy of the regional council, and on April 10 he headed the parliament of the region.



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