Kazan student took classmates hostage to prove that he can do something cool

Kazan student took classmates hostage to prove that he can do something cool
Iskander Khalfin with weapon

Iskander Khalfin tried to do “something cool” for his beloved.

The details of taking a whole class hostage by a 10th-grade student of Kazan gymnasium No. 7, Iskander Khalfin, have emerged. The guy threatened his peers with a pneumatic pistol and knife, not allowing anyone to leave the classroom.

According to preliminary data, the reason for such an act was the student’s desire to prove to the girl he really liked that he was capable of committing a “cool act” for her.

According to the channel, Khalfin comes from a wealthy family. He lives with his father, who works in a bank. The mother of the student went to Moscow after the divorce and works there. Iskander was fond of weapons, trained in shooting in the country house. It was his father that allowed him to buy a gun.

Classmates speak of the attacker as a witty, funny guy, but lately he has begun to behave strangely - the classmate Iskander liked very much does not reciprocate his affection. The girl used to bait the guy, sometimes called him a coward and said that he was not capable of doing anything cool. Khalfin hinted to her that he might commit suicide.

Having taken his classmates hostage, the guy wanted to prove that he was brave and was sure that the police would kill him during detention. But this did not happen. The actions of the teenager did not hurt anyone - he surrendered voluntarily.

The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the incident under Art. 127 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Illegal Deprivation of Liberty).



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