Kazan student that took classmates hostage suffered from lack of attention from parents

Kazan student that took classmates hostage suffered from lack of attention from parents
Iskander Khalfin with weapon

This was told by the Director of the gymnasium where the seizure occurred.

A tenth-grader who took his classmates hostage in one of Kazan’s gymnasiums suffered from unrequited love and lack of communication with parents, institution’s Director Lyubov Kochneva told Rossiyskaya Gazeta in an interview.

According to Kochneva, after the detention, 17-year-old Iskander Khalfin admitted in a conversation with a psychologist that he did not plan to kill anyone. According to the Director, the key reason for the attack was not unrequited love, but lack of attention to the teenager from the parents.

Kochneva said that the teenager's mother works in Moscow, and her father is very busy at a bank, so he had no one to share emotional stress with. She also told about his behavior during hostage-taking at school.

“He behaved completely non-aggressively. There was no panic in the classroom. I asked if he had any problems at home or at school, but he said he did not. When asked what he wants, the boy asked to call the police,” said the Director. The woman added that it was she that persuaded the teenager to surrender. “I approached him, hugged him, and he burst into tears,” said Kochneva.

The Director noted that the metal detector in the gymnasium was in working condition, but the guard did not pay attention to a signal, because he knew the boy. There were no complaints about the young man before.

The incident in the Kazan gymnasium occurred on the morning of May 13. A tenth-grader's mother turned to law enforcement agencies and said that her daughter, along with other students, had been taken hostage by a classmate. The police immediately arrived at the scene. The teenager was detained, no one was hurt. A criminal case on Illegal Deprivation of Liberty (Art. 127 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) was opened.



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