Kazan military investigator complains that traffic police officers broke his nose 

Kazan military investigator complains that traffic police officers broke his nose
Screenshot from the video of the incident

Pre-investigation check in this case began.

The Military Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee for the Central Military District is conducting a pre-investigation check against four traffic police officers, who have broken the nose of military investigator Igor Pilipenko in Kazan. During the incident, the DPS inspectors dragged Pilipenko along the road for several meters. After that, they detained the investigator, resorting to physical force.

There is another pre-investigation check against the officer of the military investigation department of the Investigative Committee for the Kazan garrison, 25-year-old Igor Pilipenko, since during the conversation with the policeman he geared the car, knocked the officer down and carried him a few meters.

The road accident occurred on November 8 at about 8 am in the city center near shopping center Koltso (Ring). A video recording of the incident was published online. It shows that the traffic police inspector is talking to the man in the car, after which the car suddenly starts moving forward. The inspector clung to the driver's window and moved on a couple of meters along with the car, then fell on the asphalt. The second inspector of road patrol service immediately ran up to them, and the automobile owner was detained. It turned out that at the wheel was a 25-year-old resident of Saratov, military investigator Igor Pilipenko.

According to the publication Vechernyaya Kazan (Evening Kazan), on that day Pilipenko was stopped for violating the rules for crossing intersections and asked to show his license.



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