Kazan: Detainee died after falling from moving police car 

Kazan: Detainee died after falling from moving police car
Photo from the scene Photo: InKazan

27-year-old young man, detained for Hooliganism, fell from a moving police car and died due to fatal injury before the ambulance arrived.

According to the MIA press service in Tatarstan, three young men were detained for Hooliganism. Since the detainees behaved aggressively, the police officers decided to take them to the department. The Kazan media report that the hooligans were transported by several patrol-sentry service crews at once.

The offenders were placed in a cell for detainees, but they continued going on the rampage. It is reported that one of the detainees exhibited violent behavior; he was hitting his feet and arms on UAZ’s door. As a result, he kicked out the door and fell out of the car.

At falling, he received a non-survivable head wound. An official check is currently conducted in respect of the patrol-sentry service employees.





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