Kaspersky Lab head explains US suspicion of company's involvement in cyber espionage by political motives

Kaspersky Lab head explains US suspicion of company's involvement in cyber espionage by political motives
Evgeny Kaspersky Photo: Vladislav Shatilo / RBC

Evgeny Kaspersky said that the increased attention to the company by US government agencies is due to the fact that the US authorities "just hit everything Russian".

Kaspersky also expressed confidence that the US authorities knew that his company had nothing to do with cyber espionage. He stated this on the sidelines of forum Industrial cybersecurity: on guard of technical progress in St. Petersburg, TASS reports.

According to the head of Kaspersky Lab, entire teams work on different parts of the company's projects, so it is impossible to add a malicious code to them. "We release updates, these updates are being watched. If we put something there, it will be visible," he stressed.

Kaspersky added that the situation in which the authorities could force the company to do one or another thing would become a "verdict to the whole Russian software business".

The links of Kaspersky Lab with the FSB were covered by Bloomberg in July. The journalists claimed that they had read the internal correspondence of the company. It allegedly followed that the firm was working on joint projects with the FSB, which Evgeny Kaspersky would be "ashamed of" talking about.

Earlier it became known that the US Department of Homeland Security required all state institutions of the country to stop using Kaspersky Lab's anti-virus software. The corresponding order was published on September 13. The agency believes that with the help of the company's products, Russian special services can obtain unauthorized access to documents of the US government.

The company called the charges groundless and declared their readiness to prove their innocence. Evgeny Kaspersky agreed to come to the US to testify about the safety of his company's products. The meeting of the Committee on Science, Space and Technologies of the US House of Representatives, in which Kaspersky was to take part, was scheduled for September 27.

On the cusp of the meeting the House of Representatives held a secret briefing on the work of Kaspersky Lab, Bloomberg reported, referring to a source familiar with the matter. The source of the publication did not specify the details of the conversation and the speakers at the briefing, but made it clear that the topic of the Russian company was relevant for the US authorities.



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