Karma finds Ilya Yuhman: Noginsk cop tries to grab businessman’s company

Karma finds Ilya Yuhman: Noginsk cop tries to grab businessman’s company
Ilya Yuhman

The police officer and his accomplice were threatening an entrepreneur for two days trying to extort his company’s property.

Security forces detained 41-year-old Noginsk MIA OEBiPK officer and 44-year-old local resident, his accomplice, on suspicion of kidnapping a businessman and extorting his property.

On September 20, the suspects kidnapped the director of a Moscow firm. The investigation does not disclose the victim’s name or that of the company. The policeman and his accomplice held the businessman hostage for two days in a Noginsk Hotel. All the while, the men were soliciting the controlling stake of his organization. The investigators did not report as to how the victim managed to escape from captivity. It is possible that other Noginsk policemen have been involved in the businessman’s abduction too. At the moment, investigators are checking a number of police officers for their possible involvement in the crime.

The Noginsk Investigation Department in the Moscow region initiated a criminal case on Illegal Deprivation of Liberty (part 2 of Art. 127 of the Criminal Code) and Extortion (part. 3 of Art. 163 of the Criminal Code).

The court is currently deciding on a suitable sentence for the officer and his accomplice. Investigators requested imprisoning the suspects.

Let us recall that that the Noginsk police are notorious for what happened in October 2013, when Ilya Yuhman was arrested. The Chief of Noginsk Police, the Major Ilya Yuhman was arrested on suspicion of abuse of office, namely fabrication of criminal cases and concealment of crimes. Among other things, according to a source of the CrimeRussia, the silovik was in partnership with some criminal bosses. Among the alleged friends were a thief Zabava (Fun) and his closest ally Zhora Tashkentsky.

Late in 2015 the charges against Yuhman were dropped and in January 2016, he retook the post of Noginsk Police Chief. According to CrimeRussia sources, Yuhman’s case collapse cost 100 thousand dollars that were passed to the top by interested individuals from the criminal circles. Yuhman’s father, being a senior official, served as an intermediary in the transfer. The Major General of Militia Yuri Yuhman, the former Head of the police department in the Moscow region had headed the department between 1999 and 2001. According to the source, Yuhman Sr.’s long-term service has brought him many strong ties with the Lyubertsy gang.



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