GRU finds person guilty of special services’ failure in Netherlands

GRU finds person guilty of special services’ failure in Netherlands

Last Saturday, the intelligence agency held a secret meeting.

The counterintelligence of the Netherlands monitored the GRU agents from the very beginning of the cyberattack operation on the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), a source in the military department told journalist Sergey Kanev.

“Most likely, they tapped the telephone number of the second secretary of our embassy, Kostya Bakhtin, who constantly called up Khoroshevka (military unit 45 807) and discussed the details of the operation. By the way, he was also responsible for the technical issues and handed over the necessary equipment to these idiots,” the MBKh-Media quotes the source.

According to the security official, Bakhtin faces resignation and, “it is possible that not only his shoulder straps will be removed.”

According to the Dosye (Dossier), Bakhtin graduated from the 1st Department of the Military Diplomatic Academy (VDA). While studying he lived in the same house as Anatoly Chepiga, who is allegedly hiding under the name of Ruslan Boshirov, whom the UK accused of poisoning the Skripals. According to Kanev, the families of Bakhtin and Chepiga were friends with each other and spent holidays together.

After Bakhtin was sent to the Netherlands as the second secretary of the Russian embassy, the intelligence diplomat allegedly looked for ways to be introduced into the international investigation team of the Malaysian Boeing crash over the Donbas. According to Bellingcat, the plane was shot down from the Russian Buk complex. It is to be recalled that 298 people died as a result of the given plane crash.

Bakhtin’s last task, according to Kanev, was to coordinate the preparation of cyberattacks on the headquarters of the OPCW in the Hague.

On October 6, Roskomnadzor blocked the mirror of the MBK-Media’s website, which repeatedly published the results of Sergey Kanev’s investigations. The journalist himself went abroad because of the threat of arrest.



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