Kaliningrad businessman offers $15.200 to Zolotov for Navalny

Kaliningrad businessman offers $15.200 to Zolotov for Navalny
Viktor Zolotov Photo: Valery Sharifulin / TASS

The businessman is willing to pay the penalty for the oppositionist.

Igor Pleshkov, a businessman from Kaliningrad, formerly a deputy of the city council and the leader of the regional branch of Yabloko, said he was willing to pay a 1-million-ruble fine ($15.200) for oppositionist Alexey Navalny if the latter loses the lawsuit to the Rosgvardiya head, Viktor Zolotov.

 “If Alexey Navalny happens to lose the 1-million-ruble suit about V. Zolotov’s reputation, I undertake to pay the money for Navalny,” Pleshkov wrote on Facebook.

Earlier it was reported that Zolotov filed a lawsuit against Navalny after an FBK investigation about numerous violations in the procurement of goods for Rosgvardiya employees.

In addition, the department head made a video appeal to Navalny, in which he promised to make a “juicy chop” of him. Navalny, in turn, said that the person challenged has the right to pick the place and arrangement of the duel and suggested a verbal duel on one of the national channels. However, Zolotov did not like that option and refused to meet.



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