Kadyrov: US attempts to destabilize situation in Russia through MMA fighter's story 

Kadyrov: US attempts to destabilize situation in Russia through MMA fighter's story
Ramzan Kadyrov

Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov expressed his strong dissatisfaction with the US, stating that the State Department deliberately tried to bite Russia with comments about the MMA fighter Amriev, who had accused the police of cruel torture.

He also recommended that the United States not interfere in the internal affairs of Russia and mind its own business.

Kadyrov's negative reaction was prompted by a statement by the US State Department addressed to Russia сalling to ensure safe conditions for the MMA fighter Murad Amriev during his stay in Chechnya. Let us recall that Amriev had previously spoken against the Republican police, accusing it of torture and ill-treatment. The young man had managed to flee to Belarus, but was detained and handed over to the employees of the Chechen Ministry of Internal Affairs.

"There is peace in Chechnya, terrorism has been defeated, people have returned to normal life; all this undoubtedly disturbs the American authorities. The US State Department’s statement regarding Murad Amriev’s security has nothing to do with sincere concerns about his fate; it’s just a convenient moment to once again bite Russia, to destabilize the situation in our country," Ramzan Kadyrov said on his Telegram-channel.

According to Kadyrov, the MMA fighter said during a recent press conference that nothing threatened his current life in Chechnya. 

"Certainly, it's hard for the State Department not to talk about it, especially when no one asked its opinion. Half the world is choking on its blood due to your so-called democracy. All of your human rights institutions are the apotheosis of hypocrisy. Whereas in Chechnya, there is the rule of law. Those who violate it, will be held responsible according to the law," the head of Chechnya added.

Let us recall that Murad Amriev was detained in the center of Grozny in 2013, as his elder brother Zurab, who had previously fled the country, was unofficially suspected of plotting an attempt against Chief Policeman of Grozny Magomed Dashaev. The young man was taken to the police. According to him, the police officers mistreated, tortured, humiliated, and beat him. After he was released, he fled from Chechnya to Ukraine. Official complaints and appeals against the torture did not lead to anything, however, over three years, Amriev managed to become MMA world champion. Meanwhile, a criminal case over a misprint in the passport was initiated against him in Chechnya, and he was declared wanted due to failing to appear for questioning. Following the recent return to Russia, Amriev once again had problems with the police, so he went to Belarus. There he was detained and handed over to the Chechen police. Subsequently, the young man was released on his own recognizance. According to Murad Amriev’s lawyer, the charges have to do with the mistake in the passport.

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