Kadyrov says respect for human rights is higher in Chechnya than in US

Kadyrov says respect for human rights is higher in Chechnya than in US
Ramzan Kadyrov

The region head thus responded to the statement of Acting United States Secretary of State John Sullivan.

Head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, has responded to the statement of Acting US Secretary of State John Sullivan that “it is worth paying attention to the impunity of human rights violations in Chechnya.” The US representative said this when presenting the State Department report.

“I’d like to answer Mr. Sullivan with full responsibility that there is no truth in his statements about the violation of human rights in Chechnya, let alone impunity. Moreover, I can say that the situation in Chechnya is significantly better than in the United States of America when it comes to respect for fundamental human rights,” he wrote on Telegram.

Kadyrov also said that peace, stability and order have been fully recovered in Chechnya, and the region residents have “forgotten” about street crime, robberies, murders, and so on.

“In Chechnya, equality on national and religious grounds is ensured like nowhere else in the world. Issues of access to education, healthcare, and decent housing are being successfully solved,” the head of republic wrote.

He suggested that John Sullivan personally see for himself by visiting a pre-trial detention center in Grozny and a colony in the Naursky district. According to Kadyrov, the Acting US Secretary of State “confused the situation in Chechnya with the situation in America.”

The head of Chechnya noted that racial discrimination was still flourishing in the United States. “Former President Barack Obama and a dozen other politicians and businessmen are there to make it look like the equality of rights is observed. In fact, it was not Obama who controlled America, but the stronger ones behind him,” Kadyrov believed.



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