Kadyrov's spokesman: If there were gays in Chechnya, they would be sent to place from which no one comes back

Kadyrov's spokesman: If there were gays in Chechnya, they would be sent to place from which no one comes back
Alvi Karimov

According to Spokesman for Chechen Head Ramzan Kadyrov, Alvi Kamirov, there are no gay people in the republic.

He called the information on the 'cleansing' of LGBT representatives in Chechnya, which was published yesterday by Novaya Gazeta, unreliable.

Let us recall that, as the CrimeRussia previously reported citing Novaya Gazeta, there had been conducted mass detentions of homosexuals in the republic. According to the publication, around 100 people had been detained; there are fatalities, but their number is not specified. The detainees included Chechen Islamic clergy, as well as well-known TV presenters.

The media noted that detainees suspected of homosexuality have little chance of surviving. Given the mentality of the local population, the relatives of the people detained will not take steps to initiate an investigation into the detention or murder of their loved ones, since this will become a stigma for their family.

Meanwhile, Spokesman for the head of Chechnya Alvi Kamirov persistently refutes the information in the media about homophobic 'purge', attributing it to an attempt to demonize the Chechen republic. "I solemnly declare that this newspaper material is lies and misinformation," Alvi Kamirov noted.

Moreover, he added that "it is impossible to detain and oppress someone who is non-existant in the republic."

"If there had been such people in Chechnya, the law enforcers would have never had any problems with them, as the family itself would have sent these people to a place from which no one comes back," Karimov noted, unambiguously stressing that homophobia passes for normal in the Chechen society.

Karimov also criticized the sources through which the media had been informed about the mass detentions. "If there are people in the republic's law enforcement bodies, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Prosecutor's Office, or other agencies, who anonymously leak information – they are not real men, but a waste of space," the spokesman for the Chechen head said.

Given the current situation, representatives of the Russian media intend to apply to the ICR, the Prosecutor General's Office, and the Presidential Administration to conduct an investigation into this fact.



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