Kadyrov's office expanding to Khanty-Mansi AD after fight between Caucasians and ex-siloviki

Kadyrov's office expanding to Khanty-Mansi AD after fight between Caucasians and ex-siloviki
Ramzan Kadyrov

An official representative of the Chechen Head has already been appointed to settle further similar conflicts in the region.

The headquarters of Ramzan Kadyrov's office has been established in Surgut. The republic Head decided to take this measure after a mass brawl between Chechens and former local policemen that occurred in the city in early February, Ura.ru wrote.

Bislan Mahmudov, the chairman of the Chechen diaspora in Surgut, said he knew no details of what had happened, but he was going to sort the things out and take the necessary measures.

"We are scaling up prevention efforts throughout the district; the local people are supportive of the policemen. Especially given Ramzan Kadyrov’s instruction to maintain the order in the district. We meet with his representative on regular basis, work with young people. That’s why it seems to me that if a conflict like this one has occurred and the information is hushed up, the siloviki are to blame for this themselves," Bislan Mahmudov stated.

In addition, the Chechen representative explained that now that the conflict happened, an official Kadyrov representative, Adlan Orzaliev, has been appointed to Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District, and his deputies are going to be appointed, too.

"They should be respected Chechens who will be proactive in every city of the region," Orzaliev commented.

The massive fight between Chechen natives and some men (including law enforcement officers) happened on the night between February 1st and 2nd in the city of Megion, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District. According to information available, the scuffle was triggered by a money debt. One of the ex-policemen took out a gun and fired at a man from the Caucasus, Islam Abdullayev. The bullet hit the man's head, and he was taken to hospital in grave condition. To save his life, the doctors had to perform trepanation of the skull and he is currently in critical condition. A criminal case was opened about the incident.

According to sources, Abdulayev’s friend Ilyas (last name unknown) was one of the conflict initiators. He is quite infamous in Megion and Nizhnevartovsk for repeatedly starting fights and even firing a traumatic pistol near a nightclub. 



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