“Kadyrov’s daughter” shop tax evasion and consumer right violation practices

“Kadyrov’s daughter” shop tax evasion and consumer right violation practices
Ramzan Kadyrov and Aishat Kadyrova

“Seller’s name” line on the checks is blank and there is no individual taxpayer number or other details.

Lady A, a store of erotic lingerie and intimate accessories, whose alleged owner is Aishtat Kadyrova, the eldest daughter of the Chechen head, has been violating the law. The boutique sells its garment with invalid checks and no composition or care labels; there is no information about the manufacturer either. The store does not have a physical or legal address, and distributes its products through a closed Instagram account with 45,000 followers, Open Media writes.

The store presents a selection of underwear, allegedly of European brands, as well as erotic accessories such as gold handcuffs and heart-shaped whips, intimate goods, a Lady A clothing and underwear line, scented candles and perfumes from the Firdaws fashion house (run by Aishat Kadyrova). The page administrators keep ignoring questions about the place of manufacture and the quality of the products or about the links with Firdaws.

Open Media says that customers are provided with invalid cashier's checks – this is what the bills state. The checks do not feature the seller’s name, the individual tax number or other details. There is just the cashier’s name, the product name, the amount, the cash register number and the date of purchase. The cash register equipment does not seem to be registered with the tax authority.

BBC first reported that Lady A is owned by Aishat Kadyrova in 2017. However, the Chechen Minister for National Policy, Jambulat, said that Aishat has nothing to do with the project. According to him, the 20-year-old daughter of the republic head is engaged in a respectable business, she runs the Firdaws fashion house, which sews fine clothes according to Sharia law, the Paris confectionery and a flower shop.

The press does not know the name of the legal entity that owns Aishat Kadyrova’s confectionery and flower shop. They are not registered at the address of the Firdaws shopping center in Grozny, 94 Nazarbayeva Street (formerly Moskovskaya Street), where the boutique and the pastry shop operate. The shopping center is not registered there either. It is not on the cadastral map, and the area where the shopping center is located is not registered with the Rosreestr. The only legal entity associated with Aishat Kadyrova is Firdaws LLC, where she is listed as the owner and CEO.



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