Kadyrov’s cousin suspected of deadly car accident being covered up 

Kadyrov’s cousin suspected of deadly car accident being covered up
Scene of deadly car accident

According to some reports, Turpal Ibragimov’s guards attempted to seize photos and videos from the scene. Head of Chechnya is conducting talks with the victims’ relatives.

On the night of December 5, deadly car accident occurred at the entrance to the city of Grozny. Mercedes hit VAZ-2107 at great speed. As a result, two passengers of VAZ-2107 - a woman and her daughter - died at the scene. Zhiguli driver was severely injured, and, according to some reports, has already died. The car accident’s eyewitnesses have spread this information on social networks. Soon after, messages emerged reporting the car accident’s initiator was head of Shalinsky district and a cousin of head of Chechnya Turpal-Ali Ibragimov (aka Bystry - Fast). According to Kavkazsky Uzel, the eyewitnesses state Ibragimov’s guards seized their phones; after that, they walked across the nearby area and asked the locals whether there any videorecordings of the car accident remained. However, some photos got leaked to the Internet.

Тарпал Ибрагимов

Turpal Ibragimov

The media office of Russia’s MIA in Chechnya has neither confirmed nor disproved this information. The administration of Shalinsky district is also fencing with the question.

Followers of ChP Grozny Instagram community are confirming the information on the car accident in their comments under the photo of the wrecked Mercedes with some calling for Ramzan Kadyrov’s response.

According to some reports, Turpal Ibragimov sped off rapidly to his settlement of Germenchuk. Meanwhile, head of Chechnya is conducting talks with the victims’ relatives, in order for them not to proclaim blood revenge to his cousin.

Local State Traffic Safety Inspectorate has also posted a photo from the scene on its Instagram. There’s no specification as to who was at the Mercedes wheel. The caption starts with moral arguments on consequences of speed violations.

Kavkaz.Realii also reminded that in 2015, Ramzan Kadyrov had equated those who consciously violate driving regulations with terrorists and proposed to upgrade their punishment. He had promised to punish everyone - including his relatives - for violating driving regulations.

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