Kadyrov reports on detention of Memorial Chechen office head’s nephew over drugs

Kadyrov reports on detention of Memorial Chechen office head’s nephew over drugs
Oyub Titiev

According to the republic head, Adam Titiev had been first convicted for the possession of illicit substances 17 years ago.

Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said that the police have detained the nephew of human rights activist and head of Memorial’s republican branch Oyub Titiev. According to Kadyrov, the activist’s relative is suspected of drug possession.

He also noted that Adam Titiev had been previously convicted, also for drug possession.

“Seventeen years ago in Dagestan! Not in Chechnya. The Shalinsky City Court of the Republic of Chechnya prosecuted him for the second time under the same article in May 2011. Now he has been detained with a bag of drugs for the third time,” Kadyrov wrote in his Telegram channel.

To recall, Oyub Titiev was detained in January this year on one of the highways near Grozny. He is charged with drug possession; a package of marijuana was found on the human rights activist during car search. Titiev himself does not plead guilty, insisting that the drugs had been planted on him.

This week, at a meeting between Chairman of the Memorial Human Rights Center’s Council Aleksandr Cherkasov and French President Emmanuel Macron, the former raised the issue of Oyub Titiev’s criminal prosecution. European human rights organizations had repeatedly called for an end to the criminal prosecution of the activist.

“If Cherkasov and his colleagues protect Oyub Titiev, who is suspected of drug possession, we need to take care of his veteran nephew,” Kadyrov concluded.



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