Kadyrov: reports of special battalion to Syria are false

Kadyrov: reports of special battalion to Syria are false
Ramzan Kadyrov

The Chechen Head said this was not the Republic's intention, yet could well be done if need be.

Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov has denied reports that two battalions would be formed from among MIA officers to be sent to Syria. According to him, executive power bodies of Russian regions do not have the authority to form battalions. "In fact, no such battalions were created whatsoever", Kadyrov said to Interfax. All the reports were nothing but "a fake" and a "figment of somebody's sick imagination."

He also said this was not the republic's intention although could well be done if need be.

"Any of the law enforcement officials, anyone at all would consider it an honor to obey a Supreme Commander’s order, wherever in the world the mission would be. But if there is an order and the Chechen division is sent somewhere else for a combat mission, this would not be hushed in any way and everyone would know it as required by the regulations," he added.

Earlier, Novaya Gazeta reported citing its sources that the Chechen Government was forming two battalions of 600 people each to be sent to Syria. Duma Deputy Adam Delimkhanov was said to be in charge, and Apti Bolothanov could be a commander. In addition, according to the sources, Chechnya is recruiting volunteers who also may participate in the ground operation in Syria.

Кадр из опубликованного видео

Also, previous reports claimed that a criminal case was initiated after a video appeared showing Chechen troops going to Syria. A pre-investigation inspection found that the commanders failed to get the right message across to the staff and the soldiers were filming everything on a their cellphones to post it later on social networks.

The media reported that the video depicted 'soldiers from Vostok battalion and Zapad battalion of the Chechen special forces'. Later, Ramzan Kadyrov said the information was also false.



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