Kadyrov posts his kids’ fight with playful caption  

Kadyrov posts his kids’ fight with playful caption
Ramzan Kadyrov

The Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov posted a video of his kids fighting on Instagram, adding a playful caption to it.

"I’ve become a happenstance witness of something completely outrageous! Sheikh Magomed and Sheikh Ahmad together attacked Adam. They knocked him to the ground and were beating him severely. I cannot describe my surprise and indignation. It’s bad enough that they are just children, and frankly, they are toddlers, participating in a real fight, but what’s even worse is that they are not wearing helmets with protective masks, neither is Adam who is now being beaten up", Kadyrov wrote. He added that children went on the warpath without any safety equipment, parents’ permission, medical certificates, bandages, jackets, kneepads or other equipment.

"I wonder what are all the federations and their leaders busy with? First thing that came to mind was to turn to courts, maybe even to the European Court of Human Rights. But then I gave it a thought, sobered down a little and realized that there was really nothing I could do, as they are my children and they are battling each other. It is their own choice, and as Adam says it is within children's rights! But grown-ups ignore this choice! " Kadyrov said.

On October, 4 Grand-Prix Akhmat 2016 Tournament held in Grozny. It included eight MMA fights, as well as three exemplary children fights involving the Chechnya’s head sons (10, 9 and 8 years old). Kadyrov’s children won over their rivals with the eldest Ahmad knocking out his opponent on the 14th second.

Earlier, Fedor Emelianenko, the President of the Russian MMA Union condemned children fights, saying that "there are actually real fights” and the children under 12 are not allowed into the MMA rules. In response, many Chechen politicians criticized the 40-year-old fighter, including the State Duma deputy, Kadyrov’s cousin, Adam Delimkhanov, who said  Emelianenko should put his money where his mouth is. 



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