Kadyrov on Chechens in Syria

Kadyrov on Chechens in Syria
Ramzan Kadyrov spoke of the Chechen fighters who are serving in Syria

He said the men are proud to have the honor "to maintain peace and order in Aleppo, protecting civilians from terrorists."

The Chechen leader wrote on Instagram that State Duma deputy Adam Delimkhanov and Chechen mufti Salaha Haji Mezhiev had met with Chechens who were doing military service in Syria, RBC wrote.

Kadyrov pointed out that the soldiers were serving in the Defense Ministry’s military police. According to him, the Chechens are proud to talk about their service aimed at maintenance of peace and order in Aleppo.

Previously, Izvestia had reported that the Defense Ministry had plans to send Chechen Vostok and Zapad battalions to Syria. According to the newspaper, the men were ready to go and already had their red berets and military police badges. Dozhd and Kavkazsky Uzel also had sources confirming the information.

Kadyrov denied the reports decisively saying no such battalions existed whatsoever. He also argued the Chechens would consider themselves very lucky if they got a chance to protect the Syrian airport.



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