Kadyrov called verdict on Nemtsov’s murder case "strange"

Kadyrov called verdict on Nemtsov’s murder case "strange"
Ramzan Kadyrov

The Head of Chechnya doubts the evidence of guilt.⁠

The Head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, called the verdict on the murder of Boris Nemtsov strange and doubts the evidence of guilt of the Chechens found guilty. This was reported by the official portal of the Chechen Government.

The report of the portal tells about Kadyrov's meeting with the commanders of the units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic. During the meeting, Kadyrov insisted that "a purposeful information and ideological war is being waged against Chechnya and its people."

The last paragraph of the Head of the Republic direct speech does not exist. But it is said that "in his opinion, the verdict of the Moscow District Military Court, which endured twenty years of strict regime, with suspicious evidence of guilt, looks strange." "The bewilderment of the Head of the Republic caused the appeal of the state prosecution to the court asking him to appoint one of the convicts to be sentenced to life imprisonment, Kadyrov noted that he does not know of cases when life sentences were given for such criminal cases," the Administration's portal says.

Accused of the murder of Boris Nemtsov was tried by a jury. They recognized Zaur Dadaev, Anzor and Shadid Gubashevs, Temirlan Eskershanov and Khamzat Bakhaev guilty of murdering the politician.

On July 13, the Moscow District Military Court sentenced Dadaev, whom the investigation named the direct perpetrator of the crime, to 20 years in a strict-security colony and a fine of 100.000 rubles ($1600), and the remaining defendants were jailed for from 11 to 19 years in a strict regime colony.

Human rights defenders pointed to the softness of the verdict, which gives Nemtsov's murderers the right to serve their sentence in Chechnya.



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