Kadyrov: Emelianenko’s daughter attacker incites ethnic hatred

Kadyrov: Emelianenko’s daughter attacker incites ethnic hatred
Ramzan Kadyrov

The Head of Chechnya has urged to punish the criminal severely for assaulting the daughter of the MMA federation president.

The Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov demanded to punish the attacker "severely, profoundly, effectively and publicly." According to him, the offender must be convicted of ethnic hatred incitement, Kadyrov's press service said.

According to the Chechnya’s Head, the offender will not be able to escape liability, as in Moscow, "CCTV cameras watch every single meter." For his part, Kadyrov promised to give all his support to law enforcement agencies.

On October 11 someone beat a daughter of the world famous fighter. At first, the girl told nothing about the beating, but later her condition deteriorated and she was put in hospital.

The investigation is considering various versions of the attack on Emelianenko’s daughter, but her father’s sports and social activities are not mentioned among the major ones.

On October 13 the Head of the MIA Administration for Inquiry for Moscow Pavel Milovanov spoke of the athlete’s daughter incident saying that according to the girl’s testimony the attacker had Slavic features.

Earlier, Fedor Emelianenko on Instagram condemned Grozny’s fighting tournament that involved Kadyrov’s sons among other children. Kadyrov said that in this way the MMA federation president violated ethics and morals. However, he said all unflattering posts and reviews of Chechen athletes should be deleted as they harmed the reputation of the world’s famous fighter.



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