Kadyrov accused Emelianenko of interfering in his family’s affairs

Kadyrov accused Emelianenko of interfering in his family’s affairs
Ramzan Kadyrov

Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov said that President of the Russian MMA Union Fedor Emelianenko behaved unethically to his family. Kadyrov believes that Emelianenko had no right to pictures photos of his son on social networks.

Head of Chechnya Kadyrov said that Emelianenko did an unethical thing by posting a picture of his son on Instagram. “Together with a commentary, he posted a photo of my little son on the Internet. Different people visit social networks; they began insulting the child… Fedor could have posted a picture of himself with heavily bruised face after the fight with Maldonado, if he’s so determined! There’s no need to touch my son. It was an unethical and unmanly thing to do, putting his oar in my family.

My assistant called him, explaining everything for half an hour. Both that children’ fights were staged, and that their parents were in the room… We asked to remove the picture. Fedor refused, arguing that people would thing he was frightened. He should have congratulated Akhmat fight club with the first championship belt instead, and only then present his claims. Our club is already among the world’s top five in the WFC ranking! We organized and conducted a major tournament, which coincided with the City Day of Grozny!” Kadyrov said in an interview with TASS.

According to Kadyrov, Emelianenko has not had the right to evaluate children's fights and the mixed martial arts tournament, which was held in Grozny, since it is a professional, not an amateur sport. “He is in charge of amateur MMA, which is unrelated to the professional clubs, including ours. Why does he make an evaluation?” Kadyrov said.

Head of the Chechen Republic explained that children did not use protective equipment during fights in Grozny, since it were stage fights, and the referee made sure that none of the athletes was injured.

“Nobody says that protection helmets are of no use. During training, children are sure to use protection; pay a visit to the wrestling room, where my sons work out, and you’ll see. Stage fights take place on stage, hence the name! It’s for the audience. For parents. Promoter had explained everything in advance; children’s coach had been appointed the judge; he knows when to stop the fight, so that no one is hurt. Everybody but Fedor was satisfied. Why not be happy for each other?” Kadyrov concluded. He has also proposed to his sons, Adam and Akhmat, to challenge Emelianenko.

Grand Prix Akhmat-2016 was held in Grozny at the beginning of October; apart from adults, children took part in the tournament. In particular, three sons of Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov. Fedor Emelianenko published the children’s photo in the ring during the fight in his Instagram, and criticized their participation in the tournament. As MMA president wrote, according to the official regulations, athletes under 21 are obliged to wear a helmet and lining, and fight participants up to 12 should wear special clothes.

Kadyrov responded to Emelianenko’s criticism. The Head of Chechnya said that “posting pictures of other people’s children and provoke unflattering comments is a direct violation of ethics and morality.”



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