Jury finds 5 defendants in Boris Nemtsov's murder case guilty

Jury finds 5 defendants in Boris Nemtsov's murder case guilty

Defendants in the case on Nemtsov's murder.

The Moscow District Military Court saw the jury finding all the defendants guilty of the murder of Boris Nemtsov in February 2015. By decision of the jury, the accused do not deserve leniency.

The jury found that former officer of the MIA North battalion Zaur Dadaev had personally shot Nemtsov. When preparing for the murder, he negotiated for remuneration, set up watch over the politician and bought phones for his accomplices. In addition, it was established that Anzor and Shadid Gubashevs participated in the planning of shadowing Nemtsov and watched his assassination from a ZAZ Chance car. Temirlan Eskerkhanov, along with shadowing, provided security for accomplices and helped them to escape from Moscow, and Khamzat Bakhayev participated in gathering information about Nemtsov, transported criminals in his car and provided temporary housing in the Moscow region for the period of preparation for the murder. As reported by Mediazona, 10 jurors voted for the decision about Dadayev's guilt, two were against. At the same time, four (out of 12) jurors considered that he deserved indulgence. The jury unanimously found his accomplice Anzor Gubashev guilty. 11 jurors affirmatively answered the judge's question about the guilt of Shadid Gubashev, 10 - about the guilt of Tamerlan Eskerkhanov, and 8 - about the guilt of Khamzat Bakhayev. 

All the defendants were also found guilty of illegal possession of firearms. After the jury announce the verdict, the court will discuss it, and the prosecutor's office will ask for punishment for the defendants. Then the verdict will be made public.

All defendants in court insist on their innocence. They explained their first testimony, in which they confessed to the murder, by pressure. The Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR) believes Ruslan Mukhudinov, who is wanted now, to be the organizer of the crime. Nemtsov's relatives consider the crime not to be disclosed. They insist that the murder clients should be sought "among the highest officials of both the Chechen Republic and the Russian Federation". The lawyers of the family of the murdered politician press that Mukhudinov was a simple driver of commander of battalion North Ruslan Geremeyev. And Geremeyev, in their opinion, was the organizer of the crime. Sources of RBC told that the investigation tried to indict him twice, but both times Head of the ICR Alexander Bastrykin refused to sign the relevant resolution. 

After the verdict announcement the lawyer of Nemtsov's family, Vadim Prokhorov, said that the lawyers intended to "insist that Kadyrov's closest associates are involved in the crime". "Most of the verdict mirrors our position. But we will recall that we believe that Bakhaev's guilt has not been proven. But the jury found this proved. We can not say that we are satisfied with the verdict. We would be glad if there had been no murder at all. But the main thing is that neither the organizers nor the customers were established", said Prokhorov.



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