Judge who knocked down girl in Krasnodar comments on accusations 

Judge who knocked down girl in Krasnodar comments on accusations
Arsen Krikorov immediately after the accident Photo: Screenshot

Arsen Krikorov denies reports that at the time of the accident he was drunk.

Judge of the Krasnodar Garrison Military Court Arsen Krikorov, who knocked down an 18-year-old student at a crosswalk in December 2018, said that the girl’s relatives demanded 3 million rubles ($44.720) from him, Komsomolskaya Pravda reports. Krikorov relates this requirement with the resonance that has arisen around the accident.

“It is not clear why this became known only now if the accident took place in December? The fact is that they want three million rubles from me. This sum was mentioned by the girl’s mom the next day,” the judge told the publication.

Krikorov also denies reports that he was drunk at the time of the accident. “I was in an emotional state, the incident was a shock for me,” the official said.

Earlier the Krasnodar Garrison Court stated that it would carry out an official check against Krikorov "to establish the presence of a disciplinary offense in the actions of the judge."


Injured girl

The accident involving a judge took place on December 21 at the intersection of Turgenev and Stakhanovskaya streets. Krikorov knocked down the girl who crossed the road on the crosswalk to a yellow traffic signal. According to eyewitnesses, the official tried to escape from the scene of the accident, but other drivers blocked his passage. Then Krikorov got out of the car, took out an ID of the judge and began to threaten eyewitnesses with arrest.

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