Judge who arranged her daughter's $2mln wedding is linked to organised crime group 

Judge who arranged her daughter's $2mln wedding is linked to organised crime group
Elena Khakhleva

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been pointed to a possible link between the Krasnodar Tsapok's gang and the regional judge Elena Khakhaleva.

A resident of the Kuschevskaya village has complained to the president of Russia that a number of Kuban judges participate in fraud with land, previously owned by Tsapok’s organised criminal group. Pensioner Anna Danko noted that, in particular, Putin needs to pay attention to the activity of Judge of the Krasnodar Regional Court Elena Khakhaleva.

According to the woman, in October 2011, the Kuschevsky District Court had restored her rights to land. However, 5 years later, in autumn 2016, the court once again deprived the pensioner of the land, transferring the land plots to Agrocomplex Kuschevsky.

Now Anna Danko is trying to restore her rights to the land; she has sent an appeal to the Krasnodar Regional Court.

She believes that there is a certain 'system' of deprivation of both citizens and organizations of their property in the region, which, in turn, discredits the justice system as a whole.

The woman has received an official response from the Presidential Administration, according to which her appeal had been referred to the ICR for verification and a thorough investigation.

In addition, the official reply says that the judges are subject to administrative and criminal responsibility in accordance with Art. 16 of the Law of the Russian Federation of June 26, 1992 No. 3132-1 ‘On the status of judges in the Russian Federation’. Morevoer, Chapter 52 of the Code of Criminal Procedure provides for a special procedure for bringing judges, investigators, and prosecutors to criminal liability.

To recall, the Tsapok's gang have created an economic empire in the Kuban. The members of the organized criminal group used to deal with fraud with land.

Video: A.I. Danko's appeal to President of the Russian Federation



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