Judge palling with Tsapok's gang takes Vekselberg’s side

Judge palling with Tsapok's gang takes Vekselberg’s side
Elena Karelina

In February The CrimeRussia reported about a lawsuit between employees of energy holding T Plus, owned by oligarch Vekselberg, and 25-year-old Perm resident Elena Karelina.

Elena Karelina purchased company EES.Garant LLC from Cyprus Merol Trading Limited for 1 million rubles ($17.5 thousand) at the suggestion of her civil husband working in security service T Plus. Soon the purchase brought the new owner dividends of 308 million rubles ($5.3 m), and after that the staff of T Plus security service came to her. According to Karelina, they demanded her to transfer this money to officials from the leadership of the Komi Republic. After distributing the funds to her own accounts, the girl disappeared, but was soon detained. It turned out that the leadership of T Plus accused Karelina of an especially large swindling. According to the employees of the energy holding, she was involved as the nominal owner of EES.Garant to bypass the legal scheme for the company's transition from Merol Trading Limited to EnergosbyT Plus (included in T Plus). In this regard, Karelina allegedly did not have the right to dispose the dividends received, consequently the distribution of the money to her accounts can be considered a theft on an especially large scale. Read the details of this story in our exclusive investigation.

Not long ago, judge of the Krasnogorsky Court of the Moscow region Sergey Shapovalov passed a judgment on this case, sentencing Karelina to 5 years in prison and a fine of 500 thousand rubles ($8.7 thousand). It is noteworthy that Shapovalov became famous back in 2010, when the massacre in Kushchevskaya stanitsa sent shockwaves through the country. The media wrote about Shapovalov as a person closely connected with the gang of brothers Tsapok. Read the details about this, as well as about the oddities of Elena Karelina’s case tomorrow in the unique material of The CrimeRussia.



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