Journalists named security men and alleged fighters killed in special operation in Grozny 

Journalists named security men and alleged fighters killed in special operation in Grozny
Kadyrov personally led the special operation in Grozny

Earlier, Ramzan Kadyrov told about liquidation of seven fighters, concealing killed law enforcers.

Media named alleged fighters and law enforcers killed during two-day special operation in Grozny. According to Caucasian Uzel web-site, seven fighters were killed in only two days, four detained, three from them are wounded, including a girl, also four police officers died, one was traumatized. Earlier, Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov told about elimination of seven fighters, concealing died law enforcement authorities.

“Group of fighters involved in murder of two law enforcement officers in the Staropromyslovsky district of Grozny, was found yesterday in the second half of day in Andreevsky vally settlement in Grozny, - told a source of Caucasian Uzel in the republican law enforcement agencies on December 19. – Four bandits were destroyed during the special operation. Among them Ibragim Mazhaev, Hamatkhan Mamaev, Istamul Mamaev and Ahmad Akrashev”.


According to the source, Mazhayev, Mamayev and Akrashev on the night of December 18 killed employee of the District Department of Internal Affairs of the Staropromyslovsky district in Mayakovsky's town and then disappeared, stealing his weapon. Also they made an attempt to kill one more police officer, however he was not at home, and fighters, who broke into his house where there were members of the family of the police officer, took away his weapon.

“In the second half of day the same group shot police officer who left the mosque after commission of a Mohammedan prayer in the settlement of Tashkala of Staropromyslovsky district and fled by the car. Later they were found on the suburb of Grozny, blocked and destroyed”, told the source.


According to him, on the night of December 18 near Lorsanov Street in the central part of the Chechen capital Islam Altemirov, Sayd-Ibragim Ismailov and Magomed Ilyasov were liquidated. Earlier, they committed an assault on the police officer in Oktyabrsky district of the city, took control of his car and weapon, but were found only in the center of Grozny.

Also the source reported that two participants of this group were wounded and detained, and among them there was a girl. “The wounded girl is in the Ninth city hospital of Grozny. Her name is Madina, her leg was amputated”, told the source.

Security officers consider the leader of this group Ismailov. According to a source of Interfax in law enforcement agencies of Chechnya, Ismailov was enlisted and submitted to a certain Al Bari who is presumably in Syria, and was giving orders through the Internet.

Earlier, Kommersant reported with reference to sources in law enforcement agencies that during special operation in Grozny Askhab Yusupov and Ismali Bergoyev, who as well as the killed, entered the local group under control of the Islamic State terrorist organization banned in Russia (IS, ISIL, ISIS) were wounded.

Dead security forces

According to the source of Caucasian Uzel during clash in Grozny three police officers died on December 18 and another one was found brutally killed in the settlement Katayama. This is the employee of Department of Internal Affairs of the Staropromyslovsky district of Grozny Ramzan Inderbiyev killed at night on December 17. He will be buried on December 19 in the settlement of Achkhoy-Martan, motherland of his father.

“Bandits, with whom he was familiar and some even called themselves his friends, have rushed into his apartment when he was not at home - Inderbiyev's relative told the portal. - They beat his younger brother, took away service weapon of Ramzan and left. Having met Ramzan on the street, they by deceit took him away on several hundreds meters from the house where they brutally killed him with knives”.

According to him, there are several chipped wounds on a body of the police officer and his throat is cut. “They hid the corpse behind old garages, near a kindergarten, covered with a piece of slate and left”. He noted that the killed had mother, two sisters and younger brother.

Originally, there was a version that Ramzan Inderbiyev could leave together with fighters, noted the portal’s source in law enforcement agencies of the republic.

Locals doubted connection of the killed with ISIS

At the same time, Caucasian Uzel that some locals doubt the statement of security officers telling that the killed fighters were part of ISIS.

“I personally very much doubt that these young guys were somehow connected with ISIS or even just with fighters that operate on the North Caucasus, - quotes portal of the former employee of law enforcement agencies, presented himself as Umar. – They did not have weapons, they took it from the killed police men. They had no action plan, they just killed those who turned up under their hands. There is no coordination in their actions. What made them do it, what or who pushed on this step, it is still necessary to find out”.

“Why groups of young guys suddenly attacked police officers and arranged this bloody sortie has no explanation, - teacher with 25-year years of service Sultan echoes. - As far as I know, in one case they even brutally killed their good acquaintance, who got a job in police only several months ago. Took away his weapon and then killed one more employee. What dud they want to achieve that way?”

“It is profitable to the government and the security officers to declare that nearly a department of ISIS was liquidated in Grozny, but hardly this statement is true, - quoted in the publication words of the head of one of local nongovernmental organizations who wished to remain unnamed. - It is more likely a challenge to authorities, protest which poured out in such a bloody form”.

Earlier, Novaya Gazeta reported, with reference to the unnamed high-ranking employee republican management of FSB, that attack on police officers in Grozny “is more similar to the first signs of a revolt against the Chechen power, badly coordinated armed performance”, than to actions of bandit underground in Chechnya.



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