Journalists learned details of FSB operation in Tyumen and house where terrorists were hiding

Journalists learned details of FSB operation in Tyumen and house where terrorists were hiding

The house, where the base of the terrorists was, was put up for sale.

According to Moskovsky Komsomolets, Tyumen returned to normal life after a “noisy” counter-terrorist operation on the night of April 13. At 6:23 AM the special regime operating in the city was canceled. According to the press service of the FSB Directorate, there are no injuries among the civilian population and security officials.

As a result of night events, a house burned down on Amurskaya Street, 118, where the militants' base was located; other houses were not damaged by fire.

But at night about a hundred tenants from nearby houses were urgently evacuated. Siloviki cordoned off four streets.

At the present moment, the passage through the streets has been resumed, the Tyumen residents have returned to their homes. They said that the ill-fated house was put up for sale and while it was being sold, the owners handed it over for rent. These tenants settled quite recently – they were quiet; they did not communicate with anyone.

This house was really found on the site of ads for real estate. The owners asked for him 2 million 900 thousand rubles ($45,000) and promised that this is a quiet and peaceful place.

For the operation, the head of the region, Alexander Moor, expressed his gratitude and stressed: “We are accustomed to living in Siberia and many problems of the modern world simply do not reach us.”

He also reported on the liquidation of two militants who swore to ISIS *.

The counter-terrorist operation began on April 12 at 21:56 against jihadists who were planning a series of terrorist attacks in crowded places in Tyumen. The operation involved: FSB, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Situations and the National Guard. The district was de-energized, disconnected from gas, all signals were muffled. Negotiator offered to give up the ISIS, but they resisted, and then were eliminated. The operation was completed on April 13 at 6:23.

*Banned in Russia 



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