Journalist Ali Feruz trying to get status of refugee taken to court

Journalist Ali Feruz trying to get status of refugee taken to court
Ali Feruz

Police officers took away Novaya Gazeta journalist Hudoberdi Nurmatov (Ali Feruz) from a facility for temporary keeping of foreign citizens (SUVSIG), Feruz’s friend Pavel Gafarov told Mediazona.

According to Gafarov, police officers came to Feruz in SUVSIG and told him to get ready for court. One of the officers also told that the journalist would “go home now.” For some time the chief of SUVSIG refused to release Feruz to the hearing. Then the journalist was taken away in a police car in the unknown direction.

The Moscow Migration Office confirmed to Feruz's relatives that he would be brought to the Basmanny Court within an administrative case over a penalty connected with check of his employment in Novaya Gazeta. Press secretary of Basmanny Court Yunona Tsareva told Mediazona that she had no information on the hearing over the administrative case of Nurmatov.

Gafarov reported to Mediazona that relatives of the journalist have reasons for being afraid for his destiny due to the check of the migration division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Novaya Gazeta concerning Feruz’s employment has not revealed any violations.

Nurmatov is the citizen of Uzbekistan, for several years he has been unsuccessfully seeking for the status of a refugee or a shelter in Russia. On August 1 Feruz was detained at the editorial office of Novaya Gazeta. After that, the Basmanny District Court found him guilty of violation of his stay in Moscow (part 3.1 of Article 18.8 of the Administrative Code) and made a decision on his exclusion. After the decision of the European Court of Human Rights the procedure of Feruz’s exclusion was suspended.

The journalist is sure that in his homeland he will face conclusion and tortures because of his homosexuality. Besides, Feruz claims that he refused to cooperate with the Uzbek intelligence agencies.

Feruz is judged in the Basmanny Court under Article 18.10 of the Administrative Code (illegal implementation of work by foreign citizen or person without citizenship in the Russian Federation).



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