Joint business of Industry and Trade Minister’s father and Rostec Director’s son in Moscow and Gelendzhik 

Joint business of Industry and Trade Minister’s father and Rostec Director’s son in Moscow and Gelendzhik
Denis Manturov

The company of the father of the Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the son of the General Director of the corporation Rostec has interests in winemaking and building apartments in Gelendzhik, as well as in the hotel business, taxi service and financial services in Moscow.

The father of the Industry and Trade Minister of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov, Valentin Manturov, owns 50% of Finansovye Sistemy LLC (Financial Systems) since November 29, 2017, RBC reports citing SPARK-Interfax.

Another 50% of the company, established by 14 Cypriot and one Virginian offshores, since August 2017 belong to Finansovye Investitsii LLC (Financial Investments), which is 100% owned by Rostec Head's eldest son, Stanislav Sergeevich Chemezov.

RBC notes one can claim that Valentin Manturov is a son of the minister, relying on his individual taxpayer number (INN), which fully tallies with the INN of the President of the Autonomous Nonprofit Organization National Center for Heritage Trusteeship, Valentin Ivanovich Manturov, whose biography mentions his relationship with the Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The main activity of Financial Systems, as stipulated in the documents of the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities, is the provision of financial services (except for insurance and pension support). In addition, Valentin Manturov and Stanislav Chemezov jointly own several companies through the LLC.

One of the major assets of Financial Systems, according to SPARK-Interfax, is joint-stock company Zhemchuzhina (Pearl), which acts in Gelendzhik as a developer of the complex of apartments and townhouses of the premium class Fellini. The company of Manturov Sr. and Chemezov Jr. control 50% of Zhemchuzhina JSC. The second half of the asset, according to the data of Rosstat as of October 2017, belongs to Financial Company Profit House CJSC, owned by Alexey and Olga Svirins.

Moreover, Financial Systems also have 33.3% in Mantra LLC, which is engaged in growing grapes and winemaking in Gelendzhik.


Stanislav Chemezov

Financial Systems also own 99.8% in Resort Primorye PJSC, also located in Gelendzhik. As pointed out by RBC, for a while the wife of Denis Manturov Natalya, the chief freelance expert of the Ministry of Health in plastic surgery and the founder of the clinic of aesthetic medicine Lancette in Moscow, was part of its board of directors.

Among the Moscow business projects of Manturov Sr. and Chemezov Jr. RBC names taxi service Khodynskiye Krylya (Khodynskiye Wings), in which Financial Systems owns 32.5%. 57.5% of the service are owned by Cyprus Giorann Management Ltd, the remaining 10% - Nadezhda LLC of Sergey Shcherbakov.

Furthermore, Financial Systems owns 50% of Moscow Holiday Group LLC, which deals with the hotel business. The partner of Financial Systems in this project is Cyprus Docramus Investments Ltd. Apart from that, Financial Systems owns along with this offshore Vishnyovy Sad LLC (Cherry Orchard), whose business activity is declared to be financial intermediation.

The Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov ranked 4th in the rating of 20 richest families of the Kremlin and the White House, compiled by Forbes on the results of declarations for 2015. According to the data provided by Manturov, in 2016 he earned almost 129.4 million rubles ($2.1m). The property holdings of the Minister feature six cars: Land Rover, Moskvich-412, VAZ-2103, Lada Vesta, GAZ-21 and Moskvich-408, as well as a plot of land, an apartment and four car spaces. The income of his wife Natalya did not exceed 4.5 million rubles ($76.1 thousand) last year.


Father of the Minister Valentin Manturov began his career as the First Secretary of the Murmansk City Committee of the Komsomol. In 1976, Manturov Sr. was appointed Consul of the general consulate of the USSR in India and Director of the Soviet cultural center in Bombay. In the late 1980s he took up the post of First Secretary of the USSR representational office at the UN, then he was an Adviser to the embassy of the USSR and Russia to Sri Lanka. In the 1990s Valentin Manturov held the posts of the Head of the International Directorate of the State Committee for Tourism of the Russian Federation and the Director of the Russian National Tourist Office in New York.


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