Izberbash police chief may be convicted of assault

Izberbash police chief may be convicted of assault
Police Colonel Nabi Isaev

The crime was allegedly committed twice and in front of the police officers of the MIA’s Internal Security Department.

In Dagestan, a resident of Izberbash wrote a statement to the investigating bodies about being beaten by the head of the city police, Nabi Isayev. The beatings allegedly took place twice, the second time – in front of the visitors who came to check the statement of the injured employees of the MIA’s Internal Security Department, Chernovik reports.

Earlier, the investigating bodies had already issued a decision to initiate a criminal case, but the republic’s prosecutor’s office canceled it. Magomed Bataliyev, the deputy head of the MIA for the Republic of Dagestan, came to Izberbash to support the colonel.

The Izberbash police chief took office in 2016. He used to be the head of the MIA Department for the Dakhayevsky District, and in 2012 was dismissed from his post as chief of the Leninsky District Department in Makhachkala because of a fight between four policemen in a dispensary, during which native of village Tsekob Abdulla Magomedov died.



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