Ivangorod: Kingisepp Customs Checkpoint officers got jammed up by FSB officers 

Ivangorod: Kingisepp Customs Checkpoint officers got jammed up by FSB officers

In the Leningrad region, FSB officers have conducted a spot check at the Kingisepp Customs Checkpoint, located in Ivangorod.

The reason for the FSB’s visit was information that customs officers would get rewarded for the right "look" at tonnage of businessmen’s cargoes.


As a result, the operatives who broke into the checkpoint knocked two customs officers to the floor, handcuffed them, and began to ask "unpleasant" questions, videotaping the entire scene.

The law enforcers took two Rostransnadzor officers with them. It should be noted that it is this structure, controlled by the Ministry of Transport, which is responsible for the compliance with the standards of vehicles entering the territory of the Russian Federation. First of all, this applies to trucks and heavy trucks.

As reported by 47news, Official Spokeswoman for the Kingisepp Customs Office, Olga Dyatko, has refused to give any comments on the visit of FSB officers to the customs point. Press Secretary of the North-Western Customs Administration Pavel Gusev, in turn, added that he intended to discuss the matter of the FSB officers’ visit to Kingisepp Customs no earlier than Monday, October 23.

It is noteworthy that the duty officer of the Kingisepp Customs was not even aware of the recent visit of the FSB.



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