“It is ridiculous and unanalyzable." Terrorists with ISIL oaths detained in Chechnya

“It is ridiculous and unanalyzable." Terrorists with ISIL oaths detained in Chechnya
Photo: Telegram channel Severny Kavkaz (North Caucasus)

The detainees allegedly prepared attacks on law enforcement officers.

Chechnya detained nine alleged members of the Islamic State terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation, who allegedly prepared attacks on law enforcement officers, in late April and early May, informs publication Grani.ru. It is reported that all the detainees had Russian-language notes about participation in the organization on them. Telegram channel Severny Kavkaz has published the corresponding photos.

Caucasian Knot also reports on written oaths of loyalty to ISIL found on the detainees. The Chechen Interior Ministry confirmed these documents to the media outlet. Moreover, grenades and cold weapons were found on the alleged terrorists. The law enforcers called Ismail Magomadov, a 20-year-old resident of Groznensky district, the leader of the detained. Relatives of Magomadov consider detention as a provocation.

The President of Alfa veterans association, Sergey Goncharov, doubted the credibility of reports on the detention of militants, Znak.com reports. “It is ridiculous and unanalyzable for terrorists to carry the IS oath in Chechnya, a region where there is a serious struggle against militants. In addition, there are no official comments from the authorities of the republic,” Goncharov said.

According to military political analyst Alexander Perendzhiev, people undesirable by the authorities of the republic could be declared as militants. The former State Duma deputy, reserved FSB Colonel Gennady Gudkov, also voiced such a viewpoint. "People that are politically persecuted by the Chechen authorities can be called IS terrorists," he said.



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