“It doesn’t look like one man could do that”: expert speaks of peculiarities in Kerch shooter case

“It doesn’t look like one man could do that”: expert speaks of peculiarities in Kerch shooter case
Gennady Cherkasov

Shortly before the attack on his college, Roslyakov purchased an inexpensive Turkish rifle - Khatsan ESCORT. In order to fire 70 shots from this riffle, the murderer - as it had been calculated earlier - had had to shoot non-stop or had accomplices, experts believe.

Vladislav Roslyakov who attacked the Kerch polytechnic college used an inexpensive pump-action shotgun Khatsan ESCORT made in Turkey, reports Moskovsky Komsomolets (MK). Aleksander Lisitsyn, an arms expert and an editor-in-chief at Okhota i rybakla XXI century (Hunting and fishing. XXI century) magazine, told MK that it is quite difficult to fire 70 shots from this riffle in a short span of time, as it had been counted earlier by experts. In Lisitsyn’s opinion, Roslyakov might have had an accomplice. 

“When the shooter is shown, one can see that the rifle has a long tube magazine with an 8 to 10-round clip. About 70 shots were counted. So many shots from one rifle in a short span of time? It raises questions. Even if it’s a 10 rounds magazine, one will have to reload a gun. It would take about 5 seconds for a skilled person to take a cartridge out of a basket (he carried 25-cartridge baskets), and put it in a rifle. And this is when it comes to one who’s good at handling a weapon. In order to meet the time metering, he had to fire non-stop. It doesn’t look like one man could do that.” Lisitsyn said. 

One of the witnesses of the attack on the college said that Roslyakov bought 150 shells last Friday, on October 12. “On Friday, he came to Sokol (an arms shop in Kerch) to buy a 12-gauge shotgun and 150 shells. I asked him then: what for? He said that he had needed it for target practice.” A young man wrote. 

Militancy expert Oleg Zheltonozhko noted that Roslyakov had been preparing for the attack “for at least a week or two.” 10 cartridge baskets and more than a dozen of cartridges separately (as well as several homemade explosive devices, and a polyethylene bottle with purportedly petrol to fire his homemade bombs) were found in Roslyakov’s bag. Zheltonozhko pointed out that the explosive devices were “homemade and of poor quality. The expert assumed that Roslyakov had used the rifle as his main murder weapon, and explosive devices - as an additional means of destruction. 



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