Isa Yamadaev may be sentenced in absentia for attempted murder of Kadyrov

Isa Yamadaev may be sentenced in absentia for attempted murder of Kadyrov
Isa Yamadaev

Three suspects in the criminal case concerning the attempted murder of the Chechen Head have pleaded guilty, while the alleged mastermind has been put on the wanted list. If the court delivers a verdict in absentia, it will be illegal, sources claim.

The Investigative Committee of Russia in the Chechen Republic has completed the key investigative actions in the case of attempted murder of Ramzan Kadyrov. According to Rosbalt, three defendants in the case: former Yamadaev’s bodyguard Aziz Alviev, ex-fighter of Vostok Battalion Beslan Zakaraev and his neighbor Shamkhan Magomadov will be given the final charges.

All the accused fully admitted their guilt. Therefore, they will be given the details of the case before long, and the hearings will be held in a special order, without consideration on the merits, and may be limited to one court session. In this case, the sentence could be delivered already in May or June.

The publication added that it is the testimony of the three accused men that serves as grounds for a version that the assassination attempt had been masterminded by Isa Yamadaev, who is already on the wanted list. There may be an attempt to convict Yamadaev in absentia.

Rosbalt wrote that in this case, Yamadaev's sentence would be illegal, since he is a soldier, and military investigators were supposed to conduct the case against him.

We should remind that the Division 4 of Priority Cases of the Russian Investigative Committee in Chechnya initiated a criminal investigation into attempted assassination of Ramzan Kadyrov under Art. 277 of the Criminal Code (Encroachment on the Life of a Statesman or a Public Figure) in January 2017. Then reports came that three suspects had been detained, although they had disappeared without a trace six months before the case was initiated. The assassination attempt itself had been planned in May 2016, according to Novaya Gazeta that reported the news first.

On April 12, information surfaced that Isa Yamadaev had been put on the international wanted list on suspicion of being the mastermind of the attempted assassination of the Chechen Head, motivated by blood feud. According to the investigation, Yamadaev blamed Kadyrov for having ordered to murder his brother, ex-deputy of the State Duma and Hero of Russia Ruslan (Khalid) Yamadaev, who was shot dead by a hit man in September 2008 in Moscow. Yamadaev was charged in absentia, and on April 16 the Staropromyslovsky court of Grozny sentenced him to imprisonment, also in absentia.



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