Isa Yamadaev's former guard betraying him on attempt on Ramzan Kadyrov case

Isa Yamadaev's former guard betraying him on attempt on Ramzan Kadyrov case
Isa Yamadaev

All charges against the suspect in the attempt on Kadyrov are based on the testimony of former fighters of Vostok special battalion.⁠

The details of the case against former Chechen political leader and businessman Isa Yamadaev, suspected of organizing an attempt on the Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov and put on the federal wanted list, became known.

According to the source of Rosbalt, the accusatory theory of the Investigative Committee in Chechnya is based on the testimony of Isa Yamadayev’s former security guard Aziz Alviev and former fighters of Vostok battalion Shamkhan Magomadov and Beslan Zakaraev. According to official data, they were taken into custody in January 2017. However, according to their acquaintances, Magomadov and Zakaraev disappeared in May 2016, later Alviev vanished in Moscow.

His confessionary statements specify that in May, 2016 he met with Yamadayev, who accused Kadyrov of involvement in the murder of his brother Khaled (Ruslan), offered to organize an attempt on the Head of Chechnya.

At the same time, the source of the publication notes that Isa Yamadaev was absent from Russia at that time, and Alviev, who had been guarding his family for almost ten years, does not remember the phone number Yamadaev called him  before the meeting, nor the brand of the car in which he came.

According to Alviev, Yamadaev allegedly promised $100.000 to each participant for successful operation. After that the former security guard, who also acted as a witness and in the case of an attempt on Yamadaev himself, went to Chechnya. There he met potential executors of the order Magomadov and Zakaraev near the central market in Gudermes. By September 2016 the group had prepared the operation and received from a bag with a Kalashnikov assault rifle, a Makarov pistol, a one-time grenade launcher Mukha and a mine projectile with a fuse from a liaison. As follows from Alviev's testimony, it was decided to remove Kadyrov in his ancestorial village of Benoy by installing an explosive device on his way.

The police hindered the conspirators from carrying out the plan, and according to the same Alviev, asked him to proceed with them to the building of the MIA Center for Combatting Extremism in the Chechen Republic, where he immediately confessed to everything.

In addition to a weak evidence base, the case faced formal inconsistencies. Yamadaev is an active member of the military unit No.16544, which means that the investigation should conduct a military investigation. Furthermore, he is under state protection and notifies the Center for State Defense of the MIA of the Russian Federation about all his movements, so there was no need to declare him wanted.

Yamadaev has already filed complaints against Head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin and Prosecutor General Yuri Chayka in this regard. The suspect himself believes that the main purpose of the Chechen security forces is not to detain him, but to remove him allegedly during resistance.

In May 2015 operatives from Chechnya tried to detain Yamadaev at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport. Then he was accused of killing two servicemen of Vostok battalion. At the same time, as Yamadaev points out, the "plane of the Head of the Chechen Republic" was already ready for delivering him to Grozny. The actions of the employees of the Center for protecting persons subject to state protection of the MIA of the Russian Federation helped to prevent this. After that the case against Yamadaev was declared illegal, and the search for him was terminated.

The attempt on Kadyrov became known in October 2016. According to media reports, a large explosive device was found beside the residence of the President of the republic in the village of Benoy. In addition, it was reported that apart from Benoy, attacks on the residences of the Chechen leader were also being prepared in several other large settlements (including Grozny). However, in October Kadyrov himself initially called information about the plot and the preparation of an attempt on him "nonsense". But in January 2017 a criminal case was opened on the fact of an attempt on Ramzan Kadyrov.

Isa Yamadaev is the fifth brother of the Yamadaevs – representatives of the big Benoy teip. Relations between the two clans deteriorated in 2008, when at first Kadyrov's relative committed an accident, which resulted in the death of two soldiers of Vostok battalion commanded by Suleiman Yamadaev, and then his motorcade had the road conflict with Ramzan Kadyrov's motorcade. After that the base of the Vostok battalion was blocked by special services directly subordinate to Kadyrov. Later Suleiman Yamadaev was removed from commanding the battalion.

A few months later State Duma deputy Ruslan (Khalid) Yamadaev was fatally shot in Moscow. A year later Suleiman Yamadayev was shot in Dubai as well. A few months later July 2009 witnessed an unsuccessful attempt on Isa Yamadaev. The killer was detained. He turned out to be Yamadaev's personal security guard.

In November 2009 Yamadaev appealed to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev with a request to protect him from the top leadership of the Chechen Republic, which announced a hunt for him. In 2010 he announced reconciliation with Kadyrov.



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