Irkutsk: policeman became defendant in case of mass poisoning by Hawthorn lotion

Irkutsk: policeman became defendant in case of mass poisoning by Hawthorn lotion
Denis Cheremisin, 2012

Head of the Irkutsk’s district police department Denis Cheremisin is charged with Negligence.

The Investigative Committee has initiated the detention of Head of the Police Department № 4 in Irkutsk Denis Cheremisin. The policeman is suspected in negligence. According to investigators, subordinates of Cheremisin allowed the sale of alcohol-containing liquid on the basis of methanol Hawthorn (Boyarishnik), as a result of which 77 people were killed in December of 2016. The regional ICR said that the suspect "does not properly organize" the work of the district officers on the administrative areas in the period from 28 to 31 December of 2016. In the near future, the court will decide the question on the measure of restraint.

Note that upon the case of Hawthorn’s poisoning there are detained 23 people, 8 of which are arrested. The main criminal case is initiated under article of manufacture, storage and sale of products that do not meet safety requirements. Today, January 11th, in the framework of the criminal case Deputy Minister of Property Relations of the Irkutsk region Evgeniya Nefedova was dismissed from the post. She is accused of a non-termination of the lease agreement with the owners of the shops, where they sold Hawthorn lotion.

As previously reported, a mass poisoning with Hawthorn lotion occurred in the Novo-Lenino district of Irkutsk in December 2016. 123 people were hospitalized, 77 of them died. Currently, three victims are in hospitals. Methyl alcohol, or methanol, which is contained in the Hawthorn lotion, induced the poisoning, although, in the package it was listed as ethyl alcohol.



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