Irkutsk police destroy bench on which mother of many children was tortured

Irkutsk police destroy bench on which mother of many children was tortured
Crime re-enactment: Marina Ruzaeva shows how the police handcuffed her to the bench Photo: Obshchestvenny Verdikt

It appears the material evidence cannot be entered upon the record.

Investigative Committee in the Irkutsk region could not supplement the record of the torture case of an Usolye-Sibirskoe resident Marina Ruzaeva with material evidence – in particular, a wooden bench – since it had been destroyed. This is reported on the Committee’s website. 

According to the case file, the mother of many children was handcuffed to this bench in the Usolye police department. There should have been traces of handcuffs on the piece of furniture, however, the police dismantled the bench after torture and threw it into a garbage dump. 

It was previously reported that an Usolye investigator Sergey became a defendant in the case. He is charged with evidence tampering. He replaced the victim's jacket, which she was wearing at the time of torture in the Usolye police department. The investigation believes that the investigator thus wanted to hide traces the stun gun left on the piece of clothing. 

It later turned out that, according to the official version, the management of the Usolsky Department of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs had received an oral instruction to remove all items without inventory number from the department. After that, the police “legally” got rid of the evidence.

In total, there are three defendants in the case. Three years ago, Major Denis Samoylov and operatives Aleksandr Korbut and Stanislav Golchenko tried to draw a confession in the murder of a neighbor from Marina Ruzaeva. The men beat the woman for several hours, used a stun gun on her, and during breaks they tied her to the bench with handcuffs. The woman did not plead guilty to the murder and later turned to the ICR. 



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