Irina Sokolova’s friend believes her husband hockey player is responsible for her death 

Irina Sokolova’s friend believes her husband hockey player is responsible for her death
Maksim and Irina Sokolova

According to Anna Nikitina, the children are covering for their father.

A close friend of the slain wife of Russian hockey player Maksim Sokolov, Irina, tells her version of the tragedy. It is unlikely that the sons attacked their mother, Anna Nikitina believes. Unless they were under the influence of pills. 

“The children had some pills. Because it's unlikely that a child would do this without the influence of some chemicals. It all comes down to the fact that there was something else, maybe some third version,” Nikitina suggested. 

According to her, she would have rather believed that Irina was killed by her husband, and the children are now covering for their father. 

For example, according to Nikitina, Irina endured beatings from her husband for many years, often “until she bleeds.” The slain woman once told her friend that her husband hit her right in the car when they were going to their country house. 

“I guess she got used to the violence and no longer resisted. For example, he might have learned that she had a lover and it was some of his friends or something, then he would have become furious and murdered her. As for the children, he told them to cover for him for they won’t go to prison anyway,” Nikitina said on the air of Andrey Malakhov’s show Pryamoy Efir

As previously reported by The CrimeRussia, the tragedy in the Sokolov family occurred on June 13. The investigation believes that the younger son, 15-year-old Arseny Sokolov, killed his mother and stabbed his 18-year-old brother Maksim several times. Arseny was detained, but was soon released without facing any charges. According to him, it was not him who committed the attack, but his older brother, who is now in hospital. The father was not home at the time of the tragedy.

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