Apartment of former Novosibirsk Governor’s son was searched by investigators

Apartment of former Novosibirsk Governor’s son was searched by investigators
Vasily Yurchenko, former governor of Novosibirsk region

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has conducted search in the Moscow apartment of Dmitry Yurchenko, son of the former Novosibirsk region governor.

The law enforcement officers claim that the search is in no way connected with the criminal case brought against the former governor, who had been charged with abuse of offical powers. During the search, investigators looked for evidence related to the case against the wife of the former head of the region, Natalya Yurchenko. The woman is suspected of committing a crime in the sphere of migration.

The search in the apartment of the former official’s son, located in Moscow on Dolgorukovskaya Street, has been conducted by the officers of the Fifth Investigative Administration based in Novosibirsk. Law enforcement officials emphasize that the search is not related to the investigation of the criminal cases against the former Governor of Novosibirsk Vasily Yurchenko, who was dismissed from his post in March 2014 by Russian President Vladimir Putin in connection with the loss of confidence.

Let us recall that one of Vasily Yurchenko’s cases associated with the sale of a land plot at reduced price in the center of Novosibirsk is currently under consideration of the Central District Court. Last Thursday, the proceedings were resumed. The second criminal case involves changing of the status of defense land to the agricultural. Investigative activities under this case are currently under way.

Following her husband, the wife of the former Novosibirsk region governor has found herself under investigation.

Search warrant has been issued by the court. According to the law enforcement officers, investigative actions in relation to the wife of the ex-Governor of Novosibirsk Natalya Yurchenko were conducted in July. Natalya’s lawyer Sergey Nikolaev noted that the Investigative Committee suspected Natalya Yurchenko of a migration-related crime.

According to the materials of the investigative bodies, in November 2014 Natalya Yurchenko received a three-year residence permit in Austria (Rot-Weiss-Rot-Karte plus). In accordance with the Russian legislation, she was required to notify the Migration Service of the Russian Federation, but failed to do this. As a result, a criminal case under Art. 330.2 of the Russian Criminal Code (Failure by a citizen of the Russian Federation to fulfill the obligation of reporting possession of a residence permit or other current document conferring the right to permanent residence in a foreign state) has been initiated against the woman. The defense of the former official’s wife has not appealed the institution of criminal proceedings.

In a response to the investigative bodies, the Austrian Embassy in Moscow informed that a residence permit in Austria was first granted to Natalya Yurchenko in November 2011. When a three-year validity period of Rot-Weiss-Rot-Karte plus expired in November 2014, the woman was granted a new Karte for the same period.

Sergey Nikolaev also added that investigators did not seize anything during the search. Moreover, he had no idea what they were looking for. “Perhaps they hoped to find some documents that defense intended to use in this process, or maybe they became more active due to the resumption of Vasily Alekseevich’s (Yurchenko) case,” the lawyer noted.

He also emphasized that his client is actively cooperating with the investigating authorities. In Sergey Nikolaev’s view, the investigation “must figure everything out, establish the truth and to take an informed and lawful decision.” According to him, Natalya Yurchenko is currently under house arrest in Novosibirsk.



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