Investigators fail to ascertain at what price FSB's Centre for Information Security officers sell homeland

Investigators fail to ascertain at what price FSB's Centre for Information Security officers sell homeland
Dmitry Dokuchayev and Sergey Mikhailov

The case on high treason is brought to trial with no amount of compensation for disclosure of state secrets pointed out.

The high-profile case on high treason with high-ranking FSB's Centre for Information Security officers Dmitry Dokuchayev and Sergey Mikhailov as the leading figures is brought before the Moscow Regional Military Court. They passed on information on intelligence operations to the FBI in the case of card payment service provider ChronoPay’s founder and general manager Pavel Vrublevsky who is considered world’s number 1 cybercriminal in the US. It was reported initially that Mikhailov and his accomplice were promised $10 million as a reward for the information provided. However, this figure was not mentioned in the final accusation. It is apparent that the investigation failed to ascertain the exact amount of the fee, according to Kommersant.

It is to be recalled that the former head of the second directorate of the FSB's Centre for Information Security Sergey Mikhailov and his deputy and lead investigator of the Centre’s second planning department Dmitry Dokuchayev as well as head of the computer incidents investigation team at Russian cyber-security firm Kaspersky Lab Ruslan Stoyanov and a businessman Georgy Fomchenkov were detained in early December 2016. According to the investigation, in 2011, Mikhailov gathered information related to state secrets, put it on a CD and passed it on to Major Dokuchayev who in turn gave it to Stoyanov. The latter passed the CD to a certain Kimberly Zenz who works for an American-based security firm iDefense affiliated with the FBI at the International Conference for Cybersecurity in Canada’s New Denver in 2011. The businessman Georgy Fomchenkov who went to the U.S. with the CD acted the same way, the investigation believes. They were all detained by the Moscow Military Court upon the request of the investigation.

Sergey Mikhailov and Ruslan Stoyanov are going to be the first to face the court. They vehemently deny the accusations of High Treason (Article 275 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). As for Dmitry Dokuchayev and the businessman Georgy Fomchenkov, they pleaded guilty and entered into the prejudicial agreement with the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office. They will act as prime witnesses at the first court hearing.

In July 2010, the founder of the online payment system ChronoPay Pavel Vrublevsky launched a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack against Assist that caused failure in processing payments for Aeroflot. Vrublevsky received a two-year term in a standard regime penal colony. Sergey Mikhailov and Dmitry Dokuchayev took part in investigating this case and Kaspersky Lab carried out a technical expertise into it. After Mikhailov and others were arrested, Vrublevsky stated that it was in 2010 when he informed the “relevant authorities” on the suspicions “as to this group of persons of malpractice that could be characterized as high treason.” 



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