Investigator who covered participant in murder in Psebay to be tried

Investigator who covered participant in murder in Psebay to be tried

The thief who escaped punishment soon raped and killed a mother of many children.

An investigator of the MIA Department for the Mostovsky District of the Krasnodar Region will appear before the court on charges of abuse of office. Last year, the investigator refused to initiate a criminal case against two thieves, one of whom, six days later, killed a resident of the Psebay village, Natalia Dmitriyeva, 40, who is a mother of many children. 

According to the investigation, in April 2018, the investigator studied a statement about the theft of a jacket by two minors. The police officer persuaded the victim to not press charges, and on May 7 issued a decision not to initiate a criminal case. On the night of May 14, one of the thieves became an accomplice in the rape and murder of Natalia Dmitrieva.

A 16-year-old boy and a Savely Nikiforov, 20, were detained in the murder case. Residents of Psebay organized a rally and demanded the resignation of the head of the village. According to the protesters, the young people are members of a criminal gang that is involved in other murders for which the perpetrators were not punished. In addition, the protesters declared that the gang members are also involved in drug dealing. 

As a result, the head of the village resigned, and the District Prosecutor's Office canceled more than 40 orders refusing to initiate criminal cases because of the incompleteness of the inspections carried out by the investigation.



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