Investigator’s cheek bitten off in Moscow 

Investigator’s cheek bitten off in Moscow
Photo: Video screenshot

The incident took place in a bar.

Cheek of an investigator of the military Investigative Committee has been bitten off in Moscow. The incident took place in a Moscow-based karaoke bar Loft. Criminalist investigator Artem Korotun was resting in a bar and decided to move to a free seat at a bar counter. He took the chair, but in a while, certain Muslim Gazaliev approached him and asked to clear the seat: it had allegedly been his seat, and he had just come off.

The investigator did not agree with that, and a cross-talk started. Gazaliev tried to transform the conflict into a fight, but he was pulled off. After that, the man who had been deprived of the chair bit his opponent’s face with all his might. Then, he ran away from the bar.

The bite was really deep, so that Korotun lost a part of his cheek. Gazaliev is accused under article - Intentional serious bodily injury.

The cheek Korotun lost may lead to 8 years in a colony for the man.



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